Digital Transformation - Key To Successful E Commerce Website


Catch a glimpse of our capabilities and offerings around Digital Commerce. We would love to set up a meeting with you and understand your systems while addressing your complex B2C needs.


At Adapty, we help customers to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and demands. Our teams excel in understanding customer needs and focus on offering them a productized solution at every stage, thus simplifying their business processes and promising them an edge over their competitors. Adapty specializes in B2C and B2B enterprise eCommerce solutions.

8 Essential Features to consider when setting up a B2C ecommerce site


Personalized language and currency option


Mobile optimized and responsive design


Search function & smooth navigation


Multiple payment options


Personalized experiences and product recommendations


Product filter and comparison options


Trust seals and social proofs


Optimization of cart

Features Implemented for our client

Brought to bear our technical expertise and program management experience to establish a PMO.

Provided optimal viewing experience using the responsive design

Delivered a seamless omnichannel experience

Implemented enhancements to deliver improved user experience

Trained the merchandising team to leverage latest platform features

Enhanced user profile management

Adapty’s B2C Platform Experiences

  • Set the Right goals
  • Consider Every User’s Journey
  • Understand the challenges of B2C
  • Understand Critical Integrations
  • Choose the Right Partner

Interested in learning more about how Adapty can help you determine what Digital Commerce requirements are unique to your business? Ask us about our B2C Commerce assessment.