Why Endeca Site Search Is Important For E Commerce?

Site search is not just about the ability to locate products on the site, but an opportunity to increase conversion, wallet share and overall brand value. It is not about merely presenting a catalog, but bringing diverse enterprise content to the shopper in a contextual manner.

There are numerous interrelated dimensions to an effective ‘search and browsing’ experience. To name a few:

  • Ever changing product catalog
  • Personalized content
  • User response time
  • Business control
  • Time-to-value new marketing ideas
  • Organizational processes
  • Lethargic legacy applications with valuable content
  • Omni channel experience
  • Varieties of brand touch points
  • Site performance analytics with actionable insight

Oracle Endeca, with its rich list of out-of-the-box features and extendable framework, takes away a lot of these challenges for the retailers. However, it is only possible if the product is implemented as per the best practices. In order for a retailer to maximize TCO on the product, it is critical to partner with a vendor who is cognizant of these dimensions and dexterous to manoeuvre platform levers. Adapty with a decade of experience in Oracle Endeca Commerce, masters this art. We work in collaboration with retailers, marketing, and creative teams to ensure a successful and ever improving ‘search and browsing’ experience.


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