Quality Assurance and Testing Of Ecommerce Website

We are the industry leaders and trendsetters when it comes to testing of e-commerce applications. Our Quality Assurance team has over a decade of extensive experience in testing digital commerce systems. Our QA team has tested web and apps setup on platforms like Oracle Commerce (ATG), Salesforce Cloud Commerce (DemandWare), Magento Commerce and Sitecore Commerce.

Our Quality Assurance team is capable of performing

Functional Testing

validating the functional features of complete e-commerce ecosystem including the integration points with external systems so that you can be rest assured about its functional accuracy

UI / UX Testing

verifying the responsiveness of mobile and web across browsers thereby ensuring that the user experience is optimal across browser and touch devices

Performance Testing

making sure that the shopping experience of the web and mobile users is efficient so that users don’t have to test their patience

Availability Testing

promising that all features and services of the site are available around the clock so that users don’t experience any interruptions

Security Testing

assessment for security vulnerabilities so that users don’t become victims of hacker activities and they don’t have to repent shopping on your site

SEO Testing

ensuring SEO compatibility so that users can query from the search engines and find the right products listed on your site

Analytics Testing

assuring all needed metrics are being captured from the e-commerce siteby analytics tools, thereby ensuring the analytics reports are accurate

API Testing

ensure seamless data exchange across the cluster of sub-systems and third-party interfaces to ensure robustness of the overall system

E2E Testing

testing of the order flow through all downstream systems to ensure a superior customer experience and increased credibility

Automated Testing

automating test scenarios that are critical to business for efficient business operations to yield high ROI

Our Quality Assurance team, after years of extensive research, has developed a test automation framework to perform customized testing of e-commercesystems. Below are the key highlights of Adapty’s Test Automation Framework (ATAF).

Adapty's Test Automation Framework (ATAF)

At Adapty, we have a highly matured quality assurance process which has evolved duringour extensive testing experience.

Here is why we stand out from the crowd

Over the last decade many of our customers have reaped the benefit of Adapty’s QA services

Key Benefits

Our agile testing methodology and automation can potentially reduce your testing cost by up to 55%

Use of ATAF extensively reduces the time to market, thereby putting you ahead of the competitors

Leveraging our domain expertise helps optimize effort required from your business users

Our technical expertise makes your systems aligned to industry standards with low recurring costs

Case Studies

Optimized support and new feature development for Barneys New York, an on-line luxury retailer in the US.
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We offer one stop testing solution for all of your testing needs, so you can focus on growing your online business and be rest assured about the quality of your eCommerce site.

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