Single Page Applications

Benefits Of Building A Single Page Application

Customer experience is paramount in today’s technology landscape. No matter what touch point our customers choose to initiate a brand interaction, they always expect a smooth and consistent experience. We assist your business in transforming the customer experience using latest UI frameworks. The new age Single Page Applications (SPA), built using client side frameworks, leverage the computing prowess of devices and browsers to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Some of the benefits of building a single page application are:

  • Enhanced customer experience:A UI managed on the client avoids full page refreshes, the customers see a slick interface that reacts to their interactions intuitively, with no lag, or annoying blank screens between reloads.
  • Reduced Server side load: An SPA will build/manage the UI on the client side (using JS Frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS amongst others). This will mean your servers can focus on serving data, and capturing transactions.
  • Reduced Network load: In general, SPA’s request less data over the network compared to traditional web applications.
  • Better user state management: Leveraging client side storage, and rendering makes it easier to restart the customer interaction from where they left off. A SPA can give the impression of using a native app, make it a delightful customer experience.

In addition to SPA’s, we can also work with you to identify opportunities to leverage JavaScript on the server side (NodeJS, ExpressJS). Moving non-transactional data to alternate backend systems comes with multiple advantages:

  • Ability to provide consistent data across multiple platforms via API’s.
  • Homogenized team skills, with full stack development, and moving away from niche technology skills. No need to hire Front end and Backend developers any more
  • Faster server performance with node.js, and simpler database design with mongoDb means customers see their apps load quickly.
  • Quickerdevelopment and faster iterations, as isomorphic code can be refactored easily between client and server as your applications grow.
  • Flexibility, owing to the loosely coupled layers. As there is no standard framework, you can structure your application as per your business needs


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